APEL brings across young international athletes from around the globe to gather in Australia.
Dedicated to assist, APEL creates a powerful opportunity designed to enhance sporting and life skills for all youth.
We value the benefit of sports and where it takes youth through global integration.

Our programs

Our programs are designed to support sports development and high performance. Developing young athletes’ leadership, teamwork, self-esteem, goal-setting, cooperation and sportsmanship through training in an international sporting environment and being culturally responsive.


Australia is an English speaking and very diverse country providing an effective environment in sport. Sport is an important part of Australian culture where the Australian sporting spirit inspires others.

Our vision

To give all youth around the globe an opportunity to earn critical life skills through sports and cultural experience.

Our mission

We strive to give youth enjoyment through sports, to direct them towards lifelong or competitive playing in the future.

During the journey, young athletes are aimed to develop their sportsmanship and global friendship – critical aspects to achieve success. We commit ourselves to find the most valuable opportunities and deliver it to young athletes for it to be a witness of their success.


We want all coaches to keep developing their coaching skills positively as they are initial and major effects of young athletes learning physical skills as well as developing the self-esteems.

We are aiming to provide many opportunities for all coaches to be inspired as well as building international networks leading to their self-development.

The more you get inspired. The more you inspire others.

Our service

Providing customised sports and cultural program consisted of

Coaching and training session


Coaching education

English lessons

Global friendships

Cultural tour


Upcoming Events

south australia summer tennis tournament camp

South Australia

International Tennis Camp

adelaide junior football summer holiday camp


Adelaide Junior Camp

Volleyball SA Summer


SA Volleyball Camp


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PO Box 495 Park Holme SA 5043

Head office

U1, 14 Orange Grove, Mitchell Park SA


+61 8 8276 4476



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